More Courses

We offer more professional IT certification programmes. Also, we offer special courses on Data Analysis (with SPSS and other analytical tools), Academic Research Application of Computers, Internet Operations and Opportunities, and more.

  1. Summer/Holiday Training (for students & workers)


    • Basic Concepts of Computing
    • Introduction to Creative Designs [Windows Paint]
    • Introduction to Word Processing [Microsoft Word]
    • Introduction to Spreadsheet Application [Microsoft Excel]
    • Fundamentals of Slideshow Presentation [MS-PowerPoint]
    • Educative Games
    • Basic ICT Entrepreneurship

    Duration: 5-6 Weeks
    Tuition: Contact us»

  2. Statistical Analysis with SPSS

    The application of SPSS carry out electronic inspection, cleansing, transformation, and modeling of data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, supporting decision-making and presenting results/findings.
    Duration: 4 Weeks
    Tuition: Contact us»

  3. Academic Research Application of Computers (ARAC)

    • Preparation of Text Document with Microsoft Word
    • Document Review
    • Automatic Generation of Table of Contents and References
    • Fundamental Data Analysis with SPSS
    • Slideshow Presentation with PowerPoint

    Duration: 6 Weeks
    Tuition: Contact us for fee

  4. Internet Operations and Opportunities

    • Internet Appreciation
    • Online Services (Email, Information Dissemination, Collaboration, Promotion, and more)
    • Online Businesses and Opportunities
    • Internet Security

    Duration: 1 – 2 Weeks
    Tuition: Contact us for fee

  5. ICT Entrepreneurship / Technopreneurship

    This is our main focus at SIMDOL—providing training for ICT manpower and business development. ICT Entrepreneurship is a bonus course organized for ICT manpower and business development. It explores newer business opportunities in the world of ICT and gives our trainees insights into how to creatively maximize the opportunities around them and monetize their skills.

    Click here for a fully-packed Entrepreneurship Development Program

  6. More Professional and Crash Courses

    More programmes on professional application of computers are available. Crash and Executive programmes are also available, which may attract additional charges. Please feel free to discuss your ICT needs with us, we promise you unparalleled supports.