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We build topflight professionals with world-class ICT training programmes and courses that equip all our trainees for effective career development and entrepreneurship.

Digital Literacy

A computer proficiency package for students and working-class individuals who have little time for training but want to be equipped with the fundamental skills of computing to improve their operational effectiveness and efficiency.
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Data Processing

The programme prepares trainees on the application of data processing and data management systems to collect, store, retrieve, manipulate, classify and communicate personal and commercial data, and information in homes, offices and everywhere people congregate.
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Digital Office Management

An ideal programme for managing offices and processes in the digital way. It is an advanced package for students, office workers, marketers and individuals who desire improved and more efficient ways of performing their functions.
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Web Design, Programming and Management

This package equips professional web designers and developers/programmers with various current world-standard web technologies, including HTML4/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, XML, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, Bootstrap, and Content Management Systems (WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)
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Digital Marketing

A professional package that accouters business owners, managers, sales executives and marketers with the requisite digital methods, strategies, skills and equipment to increase their bottom lines. The programme provides trainees with the knowledge and tools for increasing sales and leads using digital technologies.
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Print Media and Graphics

The right tools for making pixel-perfect graphics and paper publications—desktop publishing. Trainees will be equipped with creative design and photo editing skills for creating high quality business standard designs. It is a perfect package for people working media units and those who want to make money from creative designs.
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Electronic Accounting

Computerized accounting systems for finance managers, accountants, auditors, front desk officers and managers of companies and organizations. The systems manage finances/bookkeeping, record keeping and detailed presentation of financial reports; they streamline accounting steps and help minimize errors. Our electronic accounting packages include Sage/Peachtree, QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel.
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Database Administration & Management

We train professionals on the application of sophisticated software for electronic database management and administration, mainly with the Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Our DBMS courses include Structured Query Language (SQL), Microsoft Access, MySQL and Oracle Database.
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Computer Programming/Software Development

Different specializations and courses in software development that address the process of creating software, including development tools and methodologies, with different programming languages (including Java, C, Python, VB and C#), and software architecture and testing. Android Application Development course is also available.
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Computer Networking

Our computer networking programs offer professional certification courses that focus on how to connect computers and peripheral devices on a Local Area Networking (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) for the purpose of electronic communication.
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Hardware Maintenance and Repair

PC Maintenance and Repair career diploma programs that prepare professionals for a career as PC maintenance and repair technician, teaching such skills as hardware repair and replacement, Windows and other common operating systems, troubleshooting, and networking basics.
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ICT Entrepreneurship

This is our main focus at SIMDOL—providing ICT training for career development and entrepreneurship. ICT Entrepreneurship is a bonus course organized for ICT manpower and business development. It explores newer business opportunities in the world of ICT and gives our trainees insights into how to creatively maximize the opportunities around them and monetize their skills.
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More Programmes

We offer more professional IT certification programmes. Also, we offer special courses on Data Analysis (with SPSS and other analytical tools), Academic Research Application of Computers, Internet Operations and Opportunities, and more.

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